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Humidity Indicating Cards  

Poly Lam supplies an exceptional variety of high quality humidity indication products, from the originators and worlds leading producers of humidity indicator cards.

Today more than ever, humidity indicator cards are being used in an increasing number of applications including: Military, Atomic Energy Commission,  Aerospace, Sensitive Electronics, and Industrial manufacturing.

Humidity Indicator cards are an accurate, reversible method of monitoring desiccant activity levels in a controlled atmosphere.  They provide several inexpensive alternatives to costly and sensitive equipment without the need for re-calibration and meet Military specification I-8835. 

A chemical-type color change relative humidity indicator, that was inexpensive and not easily damaged, proved to be the solution to the problem of indicating dangerous humidity conditions in the storage of critical military inventories.

The need for protective packaging was brought to a head during World War II when moisture damage caused military supplies to deteriorate at the high relative humidities in the Pacific and the tropics. The use of desiccant and humidity indicators solved this problem.

04BU14C10 10%-20%-30% RH 125/can INFORMATION
04BW14C10 10%-20%-30%-40% RH 100/can INFORMATION
04BX14C11 10%-20%-30%40%50%60% RH 200/can INFORMATION
04CL14C10 5%-10%-60% RH 125/can INFORMATION
04BV14C10 30%-40%-50% RH 125/can INFORMATION
04BY14C10 5%-10%-15% RH 125/can INFORMATION
04BT14C11 8% 500/can INFORMATION




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