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     Spill Control Products   

wpe2.jpg (12924 bytes) Spill control sheets controls potentially dangerous spills from occurring. The fast acting polymers impregnated into the    
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Spill control sheet begins to encapsulate any water base fluids upon contact

In Bed Pans:    Place a Liqui-Dri sheet inside the bed pan prior to patient use.   Once completed, the bed pan may handled with confidence as the liquid content will be fully encapsulated by Liqui-Dri sheet eliminating the dangers and mess associated with bed pan waste.   Contents may be safely flushed into the sanitary sewer system.

In Red Bags:    Place a Liqui-Dri sheet into the bottom of each Red Bag prior to use, and eliminate the formation of dangerous, possibly hazardous liquids at the bottom of the bag.  Liqui-Dri helps to eliminate the spills and mess associated with the use and transportation of Red Bags.

Blood and Urinalysis Test Kits:     Place a Liqui-Dri sheet into containment bags with the test specimen to assure the safety of the carriers as well as eliminate the chance of cross contamination when breakage occurs.

ma_photo.jpg (5580 bytes)*When handling any blood or body fluid, Universal Precautions should be observed.



       Packaging and Absorption Capacity

Part Number



H2O absorption capacity

1101-15 1.5"x6" sheet 400 sheets / carton 75cc - 90cc
1101-15b 1.5"x6" 6000 sheets/carton 75cc - 90cc
1101-36 3" x 6" sheet 500 sheets / carton 150cc - 180cc
1101-45 4" x 5" sheet 200 sheets / carton 180cc - 200cc
1101-56 5" x 6" sheet 200 sheets / carton 270cc - 300cc
1101-66 6" x 6" sheet 200 sheets / carton 320cc -360cc

*Variations in product size and packaging are available upon request.   FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE

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